Stuttering Treatment

People who stutter, of all ages, have been coming to our clinic for stuttering help since 1987.  We are proud of our expertise and reputation in stuttering treatment. We are the only clinic in British Columbia where adult clients can receive government funding to attend our treatment clinics, and have been since 1995. There is no “one size fits all” approach to stuttering treatment; our intensive stuttering clinics offer fluency-shaping techniques, for those who are seeking this approach, supplemented with cognitive-behavioural approaches. Individual programs are designed for those seeking alternatives to intensive group treatment.  At all times, and for both adults and children who stutter, we assert that stuttering is not a “problem to be fixed;” the stuttering control techniques we use are intended as tools to be used when and if the client wishes (much like choosing to use an umbrella when it’s raining).

We offer a friendly, supportive environment that allows our clients to improve their speech, develop confidence, and gain morale by working with other people who understand what it’s like to stutter. Our speech-language pathologists are passionate about bringing together current research, client feedback and our own extensive experience to create dynamic programs. We provide intensive practice of fluency skills, social communication skills, education for families and friends, and exercises for home practice.

For Adults

Adults and older teens are mainly seen in our adult intensive stuttering clinic which is run annually. Our Program for 2024 is scheduled to begin on August 2nd. Intensive group treatment is a tried and true evidence-based practice for long-term speech improvement for people who stutter or stammer. Another draw of this intensive clinic is that full funding is available via grants from the provincial government. (See below for details.)

Regardless of whether you are interested in the clinic or in individual sessions, all adults start with an initial consultation/screening appointment. This appointment is about an hour in length and costs $250. Your speech-language pathologist will discuss the treatment options with you and together you will develop a plan that works for you.

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Adult Intensive Stuttering Clinic Overview

In this program, clients spend up to 100 hours working on fluency and communication skills. They practice and develop these skills in the clinic, and learn to generalize them by going on group outings and bringing friends and family to class for special activities (note that during COVID-19, we have had to adapt these activities, but we have found ways to make them happen!). Scheduled for maximum use of evenings and weekends, the program only requires one week away from work or school.

Our support doesn’t end when the clinic ends! Maintaining fluency takes ongoing practice, and our speech-language pathology team follows up with clients to bolster their progress after the clinic ends. Clients meet with a speech-language pathologist for follow up at the one and two years marks post-clinic, and additional refresher opportunities are available throughout the year for a fee (see “Refresher Opportunities” below).

Schedule for Summer 2024

August 2 – 11 & 23 – 25, 2024

Typically, the first phase will run for 9.5 consecutive days, including weekends, from approximately 9-5. Note that, due to lower registration numbers to address COVID19 safety, the actual hours may be modestly reduced. The “completer weekend” is included and is an important part of the clinic.

BC residents ages 19 and over may be eligible for full funding for the intensive clinic on a “first come, first served” basis! Criteria for this funding is not based on your financial situation. Please visit the Fred Gingell Memorial Stuttering Treatment Grant page or email us for more information.


  • $250 screening fee, payable at time of booking appointment (non-refundable)

Total cost: $5500

Breaks down into:

  • $1600 clinic deposit, payable at time of registration (Non-refundable, unless you are a grant recipient, in which case this will be reimbursed after completion of the program)
  • $3900 balance, payable by June 2, 2024 (Unless you are a grant recipient, in which case you can make arrangements with us for the government to pay this portion directly)
  • $500 late fee added onto the $3900 balance if paid after June 2, 2024

Please get in touch with our office and we can give you more details about the fee schedule, grant application process, and reimbursement process.

After The Clinic: Refresher Opportunities For Clients

Refresher weekend

Registration is open to graduates of the Intensive Stuttering Program.

Monthly refreshers

This group meets for one evening a month. We are currently making plans for 2025 but have not yet firmed up dates due to COVID-19. Please check back or email us if you’d like to be notified once the schedule is decided.

  • Cost: TBC

Individual refresher sessions

Please email us if you’d like more information.

Full program refresher

Graduates of our intensive adult program are able to do the full clinic for a second time at a substantially reduced rate.

Please note that if you have previously received funding from the Fred Gingell Memorial Stuttering Treatment grant, you will not be eligible to receive this funding a second time.

Still have questions? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us an email!

For Children and Teens

Children and teens are sometimes seen individually, and sometimes in small groups for semi-intensive group stuttering treatment.  Which option is best for your child will be determined based on your family priorities, your child’s needs, and the recommendations of your speech therapist. We always start with a 2-session assessment, which will consist of interviews with both the child and parent as well as an assessment of the child’s speech. The assessment also includes a written report. Not only will this give us (and you) a picture of your child’s current needs, but it also ensures that your child will be a good fit with the methods/goals for any of our programs.

Individual Treatment

We see children of all ages for stuttering treatment on an individual basis. We have several speech-language pathologists with experience in the area of paediatric stuttering; please enquire. Students are referred to either group or individual treatment by speech-language pathologists, parents, teachers, physicians, and psychologists. 

For young children, we use techniques from a range of approaches, including the evidence-based “Lidcombe Treatment Program” and “Transcending Stuttering”. Family consultation and involvement is a key aspect of our treatment.

Group Treatment

Children may be seen in small groups or pairs based on compatible age ranges and needs.

Students develop their confidence, fluency, and social communication skills by working in groups led by a speech-language pathologist. Bolstering the self esteem of children who stutter is a core belief of our approach. In our fun, supportive atmosphere, students can feel at ease as they learn and practice techniques for controlling their speech. Speech-language pathologists meet regularly with parents during the program to discuss progress and teach strategies for home practice.

Virtual Stuttering Camp for Children + Teens (Dates TBA)

We are pleased to offer this new diversity-affirming program, which will focus on self-confidence, sharing peer experiences, self-acceptance, self-advocacy and fun. The environment will be positive, supportive and playful! This is not a program focused on fluency shaping skills and strategies, (although kids are welcome to practice those during the program if they wish). We are hoping to run this group virtually in the summer of 2024, dates to be announced.


Assessment Fee: $250. Children who are not already known to us will require a screening session, which will take place over Zoom or in our Vancouver office. This session gives our SLP the opportunity to meet with your child and determine if this program would be a good fit.

Program Fee: $950 (if paid by the Early Bird Registration Date, $1200 thereafter)

Funding Assistance

Columbia Speech and Language Services maintains a list of charities and agencies who fund children and adults in need of financial assistance for our stuttering programs. We are happy to share this on request; please just email us.

Funding Assistance for Children

If you are a speech pathologist referring a client to our program, please note: clients and their families need as much notice as possible to arrange their schedules and to contact funding agencies to apply for financial assistance, if necessary. For example, Columbia advises summer program clients to submit funding applications well before spring break; we advise you to talk to parents as early as January so that families have information in time to make key decisions.

Funding Assistance for Adults

For participants of our Adult Intensive Stuttering Clinic, The Fred Gingell Memorial Stuttering Treatment Grant offers full funding for this program to residents of B.C. who are 19 and older. Clients registered in our program can apply for this grant, even if they are not in need financially. For more information, visit the Fred Gingell Memorial Stuttering Treatment Grant page or email us for more information.

Apart from this grant and/or for individual treatment, there are a few other potential funding sources, which we can explore with you at our first meeting. For example, employers may fund employees who stutter. The Insurance Corporation of B.C. and the B.C. Crime Victim Assistance Program have offered funding to people who stutter as a result of motor vehicle accidents or criminal injuries. Extended medical plans often cover a portion of stuttering treatment fees.

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