(Intensive Treatment for Aphasia in Western Canada)

  Please see the iTAWC website for more detailed information!

Next program: October 12 – November 5, 2021

Though the current COVID-19 situation remains unknown, we are anticipating that we will be running our next iTAWC program from October 12 – November 5, 2021. If you are interested, please email us. Registration is first come, first served and will be capped at a maximum of three clients.

We have been running our Intensive Treatment for Aphasia in Western Canada (iTAWC) program since 2011 and are delighted to be able to continue to offer it at our wheelchair-accessible offices in Vancouver, BC. 

    Highlights include:

    • Speech and language therapy for aphasia for three to four hours daily for four weeks (depending on session selected)
    • Apraxia therapy for those who need it
    • Individual, paired and small group instruction
    • Thorough pre-treatment assessment and orientation
    • Post-treatment assessment, guest speakers, family meetings and debriefing
    • Comprehensiveness – we use a variety of evidence-based practice methods including constraint induced language therapy, social participation approaches to aphasia treatment and state of the art technology as appropriate to each client’s needs.


    • Experienced, dedicated therapists with a passion for working with people with aphasia
    • Lots of individual attention – our staffing ratio is two SLPs (speech language pathologists) to every three clients and one grad student to every client in the summer, and one SLP to each client in other sessions
    • Intensive speech therapy for aphasia every day, Monday to Friday, for four weeks!
    • Pre and post assessments and family meetings bringing your time in Vancouver to 5 weeks
    • A detailed final report that can serve as a blueprint for targeting further progress after completion of iTAWC

    Program costs

    The program costs for the iTAWC fall 2021 program are as follows and are subject to our refund policy (which follows and which we recommend you read carefully):

    Register on or by August 31, 2021 – $10,000 CAD ($8,200 USD)*
    Register after August 31, 2021 – $14,000 CAD ($11,000 USD)*

    The price includes all assessment, treatment and supplies.  It does not include accommodation, meals, parking and other miscellaneous items of a personal nature.  There is no tax on the treatment fee.

    * does not include a $395 CAD ($300 USD) non-refundable application fee.  This covers our costs in reviewing the application and does not provide a guarantee of acceptance into the program.  Please note, upon the discretion of management, this fee may be waived for clients who have been treated by us in the past.

    Refund policy

    Upon confirmation of each client registration, we immediately begin work to ensure the best possible experience for that client;  we also must commit to paying certain fixed costs, such as staffing and space allocation, for the program’s entire duration.  For these reasons, full refunds are not possible, regardless of reason, at any point after registration.  Under certain circumstances, we will consider written requests for partial refunds on the following schedule:

    Up to August 6, 2021 – $5000 CAD ($4350 USD)
    August 7 – September 6, 2021 – $2500 CAD ($2175 USD)

    After September 6 , 2021, no partial refunds will be provided unless we are able to move a client from our waiting list into your spot;  in this case a $2000 CAD ($1200 USD) refund will be provided.

    Note that the application fee of $395 CAD ($300 USD) is not refundable under any circumstances.

    Still have questions? Please check out the iTAWC website, our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us an email!

    Columbia Speech & Language Services Inc.


    PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE MOVED! We are now located at #507 -1755 West Broadway.