Services for Adults

 We assess and treat adults of all ages for a variety of issues including neurologically-based problems (e.g from stroke, brain injury or Parkinson’s Disease), vocal problems, more “cosmetic” problems such as articulation issues (e.g a stubborn lisp), stuttering treatment, and accent reduction services.

About Our Services


At Columbia, we believe in a collaborative approach to treatment with our adult clients. We listen to your concerns, do a thorough evaluation, and set joint goals based on the results of assessment and a client’s individual needs and wishes.

Columbia therapists use a practical, hands-on approach that may include any member of a client’s “team” – including, for example: family members, friends, employers, other therapists, insurance company representatives, physicians, and anyone else who is part of the client’s life.

Treatment is available via telepractice (e.g. over Zoom) or in our Vancouver office. As the situation with COVID-19 improves, we hope to resume visits at clients’ homes, workplaces, health care centres, or any other convenient setting. Fees are charged for therapists’ travel costs.

Areas that we work with include (but are not limited to):

  • Speech and/or language issues after a stroke or brain injury such as aphasia, dysarthria or apraxia, including an intensive program for aphasia treatment. Find out more about this program here.
  • Cognitive-communication skills e.g. executive functioning, memory, higher level language skills, social communication, etc. (we also offer a yearly group specifically for social communication issues resulting from brain injury. Find out more here.)
  • Vocal problems of teachers, singers, salespeople or others that use their voice for a living
  • General articulation/enunciation issues such as correcting lisps or other impediments or generally improving clarity of speech
  • More “cosmetic” voice issues such as tone, pitch, and speaking confidently
  • Accent reduction services specifically designed to work on pronunciation of Canadian English sounds. Find out more here. 
  • Voice therapy for clients with Parkinson’s Disease (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment). Find out more here
  • Adult stuttering treatment in a group or individual setting. Find out more here.


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