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  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
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For Children and Teens

Stuttering Treatment Groups

These clinics are specially-designed for youngsters aged 8 to 14.

Students develop their fluency and social communication skills by working in groups led by a speech-language pathologist. In our fun, supportive atmosphere, students can feel at ease as they learn and practice techniques for controlling their speech.

Speech-language pathologists meet regularly with parents during the program to discuss progress and teach strategies for home practice.

Groups are currently being planned for Summer 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning to run this summer's group over Zoom. We reserve the right to limit enrolment to those we believe will benefit from our children's stuttering treatment clinic and who are compatible age-wise with the first children registered in the program; to determine this we will see your child for a screening assessment for a cost of $200.  For families living outside of the Greater Vancouver region, we can arrange assessments via Zoom as well. For families in financial need, we maintain a list of charitable funding agencies which you can request from our office;  please note that these organizations generally require several months to process an application. 

Individual Stuttering Treatment

We also see children of all ages for stuttering treatment on an individual basis. We have several speech-language pathologists with experience in the area of paediatric stuttering; please enquire.

Students are referred to either program by speech-language pathologists, parents, teachers, physicians, and psychologists. To make a referral, please contact our office at 604-875-9100.  Our receptionist is available to take your call from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.

Both the student and parent will be interviewed and the student's speech will be assessed by one of our team members before acceptance into either program. This will ensure there is a good fit between the student's needs and our program methods and goals.

For more information on stuttering, see our pages on stuttering programs for Adults, Stuttering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or for Funding Information.

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